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Drawing - cartoons - Finn the Human, by ladyorange02 (A cartoons drawing)

Some more Adventure Time fan art of mine :) please visit the link and rate :) c & c welcome! thanx

Drawing - cartoons - Marceline the Vampire Queen, by ladyorange02 (A cartoons drawing)

some adventure time fan art I worked on today of Marceline :) spare a second to visit the link and rate it :3 much appreciated







This is one of the most inspirational stories ever.

Oh. My. God.
Is this a true story??

It is indeed. (x) And she’s written a fantastic piece about body image. (x)

holy shit I didnt know that

This is too amazing to NOT reblog, so inspiring.

That is amazing.
red hair :3 finally
this is the doll I created for my art class :) enjoy
a painting of mine :) open for interpretation